After the unforgiving cold of the winter season, people are usually planning to go somewhere else warmer in the spring. However, before the fun begins, it is very important to watch out for pests you don’t hiding away in your things on your way home – bed bugs. As a matter of fact, bed bugs are very good hitchhikers that means that if you are not careful enough with your luggage, fun memories and a tan won’t be the only memento you bring home from your almost perfect spring vacation.

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How do These Bed Bugs Joyride?

Bed bugs are basically unable to fly since they have no wings however, that does not stop them from traveling far and near with their outstanding hitchhike talents – usually hiding away in shoes, boxes or suitcases. In addition to that, bed bugs are also known as excellent travelers due to their ability to withstand in a temporary environment such as personal luggage as well as backpacks and underneath the seats in trains, buses and cars.

Even though bed bugs are usually found in bed parts such as box springs and mattresses, they may also hide behind baseboards, upholstery, electrical switch covers, picture frames, wallpapers and in crevices or cracks of furniture – so they’re not often easy to notice.

Most traveling people may expect bed bugs to just be an issue at hotels. However, a research study had shown that bed bugs are even more widespread in apartment buildings and homes, as well. Spring travelers choosing to book rooms through home-sharing service should watch out for these harmful bed bugs. Regardless of where you stay, you should follow these tips on how to prevent bed bugs from harming you in order to make sure that you will have a stress-free vacation travel:

Upon Arrival at Your Destination

Carefully inspect the whole room prior to unpacking your belongings and that includes under the lights, behind the headboard, and the inside dressers, chairs, sofa, and drawers. Pull back the sheets then examine the box springs and mattress seams, particularly at the edges, for spots, shed bed bug skins or pepper-like stains. Put your suitcases in a sealed plastic waste bag during the entire period of your stay in order to make sure that bed bugs can’t have the chance to thrive there before you leave. Do not put luggage on the surfaces of the upholstery.

The safest location is in the bathroom on a luggage rack or at the center of a tile floor after it has been carefully examined. Afterwards, do not use the luggage rack if the legs are hollow, where bed bugs might hide unnoticed. If you are suspecting that the room is infested by bed bugs, notify the management as soon as possible and ask for a change of room. Make sure to avoid the rooms adjacent to and below or above the suspected infestation since bed bugs can move and spread easily in the luggage, through wall sockets and even via housekeeping carts. Consult expert Exterminators in Greenwood, Indiana for more information.