It is very important for property owners to make sure that their houses are well-prepared for the damaging impact of extreme natural disasters. While reinforcing your windows and doors, as well as bunkering down ahead of the unforgiving weather condition are your main priorities, other threats, such as pest infestations, still lurk long after the storms have passed.

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As a matter of fact, standing water and downed trees force a lot of species of insects and pests to seek safe shelter and higher ground – most of the time, in your home. In order to be completely prepared for and battle a potential significant increase in the population of the pests in the weeks or even days after the hurricane, you should follow these simple tips on how to prevent pest from invading your home:

Increase Your Efforts on Pre-Storm Pest Control

Before reports of a possible hurricane begin to strike, you can help avoid hurricane season pests by having both of your home’s interior and exterior inspected by a professional pest control service provider to determine and address any structural problems which can be worsened by the upcoming storm or hurricane.

Cracks and crevices must be completely sealed with the use of a silicone-based caulk, the household property must be sloped and any current water damage must be repaired so that the water will flow away from your home’s foundation instead of rushing towards it. Aside from, possible pest breeding places such as mulch and garbage containers should be put relatively far from your home to pests away.

Drain Stagnant Water to Avoid Mosquito Influx

Though it seems that the heavy rains as well as flooding together with storms and hurricanes would efficiently exterminate any existing populations of mosquitoes, the neglected standing water serves as a perfect breeding site for these harmful insects. Mosquitoes only requires a bottle ca full – one half of an inch – of standing water to breed.

Because of this, property owners must first assess, and then, address the standing water sources if possible, that can be located in obvious environments where flood water collects, but also in clogged gutters, lids, garbage cans, grill covers, flowerpots and birdbaths. By emptying and draining these water containers, you can also prevent mosquito population development in your own yard.

Eliminate Damaged Debris and Tainted Food to Prevent Fly and Rodent Infestations

Spoiled food resulted from extended energy outages during a bad weather condition can attract flies in your house. Flies thrive in decaying food potentially exposing you and your loved ones to dangerous diseases. Place any spoiled items in a closed and tightly sealed waste bag outside of your home in order to invite flies. Flood waste and mess, on the other hand, can attract rodents which are displaced by the extreme weather condition and seeking shelter and food. This is the reason why you should make sure the discarded food will be picked up by sanitation contractors in a timely manner. To avoid pests from invading your home, make sure to get in touch with Exterminators Fisher, Indiana.