Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument In Boulder Colorado Youth Symphony

Playing an instrument is at the start its reward, but it is not only for sure. To be part of the world of musical performance and having the ability to play music brings a lot of additional benefits. Starting from enhanced language achievement, development of fine motor skills to spatial awareness. Through music education children become total well-rounded individuals, they become much more communicative, tolerant, consistent, creative, patient, responsible, thoughtful and have integrity. Teamwork is mush easily understood and embraced through music as is multiple points of view. If you meet some successful person in our community, the huge chances are that he or she has some symphony experience in the past.

Improving academic skills

Students that are involved in music world do much better standardized tests than students that are not involved. They show significantly higher results even in math proficiency. Spatial-temporal reasoning and positive affect on algebra ability are shown in many types of research.


There is also positive affect on cognitive and reading development, and it is not just about bigger vocabularies but achieving better results on reading tests. Even learning the second language is much easier within these students. Also, general knowledge is on the much higher level because of getting a great variety of materials you get to know in the orchestra. Music also stimulates the part of the brain related to emotional development, thinking, and motor skills and in early age, it can significantly improve memory capability.

Building social skills

Lifelong friendships are a common thing when playing an instrument in youth symphony. As learning to play an instrument takes time, and effort young people learn fast about feelings of patience and perseverance. Teamwork is one of the foundations when playing in youth symphony as they have to work together to make some music.

Cooperation, collaboration, sympathy are some of the connected factors when children learn to adjust their sounds with those of others.

Stress relief

Music presents a creative escape and emotional release from everyday stress and life rut. It is a great form of therapy even in some serious states of mind and body like depression, autism, and other disorders.


Above all music is a great connection for all individuals all over the world no matter what religion, nationality, education, gender or beliefs they belong. The only important thing in the music world is the shared experience between performer and audience.