More than twenty different species of ants are known to infest businesses, schools and homes. Even though ants may just be an annoying creature, they actually pose harmful threats such as costly property damage and food contamination. It is advisable to deal with the ants this upcoming spring season by sealing crevices and cracks which allow them to enter your house.

Prevent the ants from getting into your kitchen by discarding your waste on a regular basis and keeping all sweet goods in sealed containers. Aside from that, get rid of the standing water or moisture near your house and also, keep the branches of your trees cut back from your home because ants usually use these as their point of entry.

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House flies obviously contaminate foods by spreading harmful disease organisms attached to their mouths and limbs when feeding on feces, trash as well as other rotting substances. These famous pests are known to transmit over one hundred different pathogens which include salmonellosis and typhoid. Fruit flies and house flies can cause severe headaches but are easily avoided with proper sanitation and the most effective method of preventing this is proper handwashing.

Keeping your kichen counters clean and removing waste in a closed tight bag on a regular basis is one of the best ways to prevent flies. You should also make sure to fix visible tears or rips of mesh screens surrounding your house as well as install, if needed, to your doors and windows to prevent flies from entering your home.

Bed Bugs

Pest such as bed bugs are typically one of the most well-known pests every homeowner face. As a matter of fact, a reliable survey found that more or less 97 percent of professional pest control service providers treated for this type of pest every year. Even though bed bugs don’t transmit any illnesses, bed bug bites can turn your skin into red, itchy welts. A bed bug infestation can be very tough to control when it takes control. Make sure to properly assess all your furniture for shell casings and tell-tale blood spots, focusing to the seams of the mattress. Inspect also the places where your pets use to sleep for any indications of an infestation.


Cockroaches pose very serious health threats since they are known to transmit viruses and bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli, and also, they trigger allergy symptoms and asthma. If you detect a cockroach inside your house, it is understood that there are a lot more hiding in the crevices and cracks. Just like several other pests, cockroaches are basically attracted to food sources and moisture.

Store your goods in air-sealed containers and vacuum frequently in order to keep these annoying cockroaches away. In addition to that, seal any crevices and cracks around your house and get rid of the moisture buildup in your crawl spaces, basements as well as attics. Focus on the bathrooms and kitchens since these places are certainly vulnerable to cockroach infestations. For further information, consider contacting Exterminators Anderson, IN.