Main Goal Of The Boulder Youth Symphony

As the main goal of the Boulder Youth Symphony is to provide proper education to achieve highest musical skills within young people, we have created several levels of wind, string, and orchestral ensembles. These various programs allow us to accommodate a wide range of education and skill levels for future successful musicians. As well we welcome less seasoned youth musicians with one year of experience we also welcome intermediate and advanced players. Not only our students receive thorough music history and theory knowledge and learn from most professional and licensed music educators and conductor, but students also have great travel opportunities through all over the world depending on their ensemble.

Classic Orchestra

Drills and exercises provided in this group increase student responsibility regarding intonation. This is incorporated into many rehearsals. The conductor is here to make the decisions on the breakdown of the sections and offer different ones throughout the year.


For increasing the development of the student’s many discussions and ensemble, exercises are applied. The focus is teaching on brass, wind and percussion players along with string and vice-versa.

Premier Orchestra

The standard repertoire here is advanced, and good tone production on all instruments is highly expected. Maintaining good intonation and tone is widened as the options for percussionists in their sound production. The technique of the woodwinds is significantly pushed, and some rehearsals even include sight reading.


There are several orchestral experiences needed before reaching Premier program. Here comes time to use rehearsal exercises to develop the ability of interpretation to much sophisticated level. Here, the scope of the student’s observations gets much wider.

Symphonic wind ensemble

Here students have the opportunity to perform and explore the high level of wind literature. All the way from breathing techniques, technical facility, balance, musicality students are motivated to achieve great results how with the classical repertoire also with modern works.


A wide range of wind instruments like clarinet, oboe, flute, piccolo, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone are used to learn sight reading, intonation, tone production and phrasing. Also, there is an outnumbering choice of percussion instrumentation such as timpani, xylophone, bells, vibraphone, snare drum and many other.

Symphonic strings ensemble

Is focused on both levels, the beginner, and intermediate orchestral technique. Both levels focus on helping students succeeding in any music level they choose to participate by focusing on improving skills that will help them in understanding the overall foundation of musical repertoire. Basic techniques, sound basics, following a director, listening to other sections in the orchestra are some of the skills which will be introduced, worked on and developed.