Community Partners Page

As our mission is based on a belief that every student deserves equal musical education with the highest quality, it is also based on the approach of showing how important is to work together. In a right team with right connections young people easily learn and achieve a sense of personal responsibility, confidence, the value of commitment and discipline. It is not only about the right individual approach but also helping them creating and strengthening the vibrant community.

We also nurture our connections with our partners through our Community Partnership Programs according to our belief. This program and people included help bringing music directly to our present and future students. Colorado’s Music Center helped a lot to our mission by providing free musical instruments which helped to hold our visions alive. We also work with Public Schools in Colorado to develop as much possible music education to discover and help young musical talents.

Colorado Middle School Academy helps us a lot with this program by providing tools, resources, and training to achieve excellent learning and teaching. Our program also includes satellite programs and concerts thanks to many non-profit organizations to achieve widest public influence by the music of our talented young people who have something important to show.