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Tips to Keep Your House Safe from Harmful Pests During Hurricane Months

It is very important for property owners to make sure that their houses are well-prepared for the damaging impact of extreme natural disasters. While reinforcing your windows and doors, as well as bunkering down ahead of the unforgiving weather condition are your main priorities, other threats, such as pest infestations, still lurk long after the storms have passed.

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As a matter of fact, standing water and downed trees force a lot of species of insects and pests to seek safe shelter and higher ground – most of the time, in your home. In order to be completely prepared for and battle a potential significant increase in the population of the pests in the weeks or even days after the hurricane, you should follow these simple tips on how to prevent pest from invading your home:

Increase Your Efforts on Pre-Storm Pest Control

Before reports of a possible hurricane begin to strike, you can help avoid hurricane season pests by having both of your home’s interior and exterior inspected by a professional pest control service provider to determine and address any structural problems which can be worsened by the upcoming storm or hurricane.

Cracks and crevices must be completely sealed with the use of a silicone-based caulk, the household property must be sloped and any current water damage must be repaired so that the water will flow away from your home’s foundation instead of rushing towards it. Aside from, possible pest breeding places such as mulch and garbage containers should be put relatively far from your home to pests away.

Drain Stagnant Water to Avoid Mosquito Influx

Though it seems that the heavy rains as well as flooding together with storms and hurricanes would efficiently exterminate any existing populations of mosquitoes, the neglected standing water serves as a perfect breeding site for these harmful insects. Mosquitoes only requires a bottle ca full – one half of an inch – of standing water to breed.

Because of this, property owners must first assess, and then, address the standing water sources if possible, that can be located in obvious environments where flood water collects, but also in clogged gutters, lids, garbage cans, grill covers, flowerpots and birdbaths. By emptying and draining these water containers, you can also prevent mosquito population development in your own yard.

Eliminate Damaged Debris and Tainted Food to Prevent Fly and Rodent Infestations

Spoiled food resulted from extended energy outages during a bad weather condition can attract flies in your house. Flies thrive in decaying food potentially exposing you and your loved ones to dangerous diseases. Place any spoiled items in a closed and tightly sealed waste bag outside of your home in order to invite flies. Flood waste and mess, on the other hand, can attract rodents which are displaced by the extreme weather condition and seeking shelter and food. This is the reason why you should make sure the discarded food will be picked up by sanitation contractors in a timely manner. To avoid pests from invading your home, make sure to get in touch with Exterminators Fisher, Indiana.

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Travel Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs During Spring

After the unforgiving cold of the winter season, people are usually planning to go somewhere else warmer in the spring. However, before the fun begins, it is very important to watch out for pests you don’t hiding away in your things on your way home – bed bugs. As a matter of fact, bed bugs are very good hitchhikers that means that if you are not careful enough with your luggage, fun memories and a tan won’t be the only memento you bring home from your almost perfect spring vacation.

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How do These Bed Bugs Joyride?

Bed bugs are basically unable to fly since they have no wings however, that does not stop them from traveling far and near with their outstanding hitchhike talents – usually hiding away in shoes, boxes or suitcases. In addition to that, bed bugs are also known as excellent travelers due to their ability to withstand in a temporary environment such as personal luggage as well as backpacks and underneath the seats in trains, buses and cars.

Even though bed bugs are usually found in bed parts such as box springs and mattresses, they may also hide behind baseboards, upholstery, electrical switch covers, picture frames, wallpapers and in crevices or cracks of furniture – so they’re not often easy to notice.

Most traveling people may expect bed bugs to just be an issue at hotels. However, a research study had shown that bed bugs are even more widespread in apartment buildings and homes, as well. Spring travelers choosing to book rooms through home-sharing service should watch out for these harmful bed bugs. Regardless of where you stay, you should follow these tips on how to prevent bed bugs from harming you in order to make sure that you will have a stress-free vacation travel:

Upon Arrival at Your Destination

Carefully inspect the whole room prior to unpacking your belongings and that includes under the lights, behind the headboard, and the inside dressers, chairs, sofa, and drawers. Pull back the sheets then examine the box springs and mattress seams, particularly at the edges, for spots, shed bed bug skins or pepper-like stains. Put your suitcases in a sealed plastic waste bag during the entire period of your stay in order to make sure that bed bugs can’t have the chance to thrive there before you leave. Do not put luggage on the surfaces of the upholstery.

The safest location is in the bathroom on a luggage rack or at the center of a tile floor after it has been carefully examined. Afterwards, do not use the luggage rack if the legs are hollow, where bed bugs might hide unnoticed. If you are suspecting that the room is infested by bed bugs, notify the management as soon as possible and ask for a change of room. Make sure to avoid the rooms adjacent to and below or above the suspected infestation since bed bugs can move and spread easily in the luggage, through wall sockets and even via housekeeping carts. Consult expert Exterminators in Greenwood, Indiana for more information.

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Spring Cleaning and Pest Elimination Tips


More than twenty different species of ants are known to infest businesses, schools and homes. Even though ants may just be an annoying creature, they actually pose harmful threats such as costly property damage and food contamination. It is advisable to deal with the ants this upcoming spring season by sealing crevices and cracks which allow them to enter your house.

Prevent the ants from getting into your kitchen by discarding your waste on a regular basis and keeping all sweet goods in sealed containers. Aside from that, get rid of the standing water or moisture near your house and also, keep the branches of your trees cut back from your home because ants usually use these as their point of entry.

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House flies obviously contaminate foods by spreading harmful disease organisms attached to their mouths and limbs when feeding on feces, trash as well as other rotting substances. These famous pests are known to transmit over one hundred different pathogens which include salmonellosis and typhoid. Fruit flies and house flies can cause severe headaches but are easily avoided with proper sanitation and the most effective method of preventing this is proper handwashing.

Keeping your kichen counters clean and removing waste in a closed tight bag on a regular basis is one of the best ways to prevent flies. You should also make sure to fix visible tears or rips of mesh screens surrounding your house as well as install, if needed, to your doors and windows to prevent flies from entering your home.

Bed Bugs

Pest such as bed bugs are typically one of the most well-known pests every homeowner face. As a matter of fact, a reliable survey found that more or less 97 percent of professional pest control service providers treated for this type of pest every year. Even though bed bugs don’t transmit any illnesses, bed bug bites can turn your skin into red, itchy welts. A bed bug infestation can be very tough to control when it takes control. Make sure to properly assess all your furniture for shell casings and tell-tale blood spots, focusing to the seams of the mattress. Inspect also the places where your pets use to sleep for any indications of an infestation.


Cockroaches pose very serious health threats since they are known to transmit viruses and bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli, and also, they trigger allergy symptoms and asthma. If you detect a cockroach inside your house, it is understood that there are a lot more hiding in the crevices and cracks. Just like several other pests, cockroaches are basically attracted to food sources and moisture.

Store your goods in air-sealed containers and vacuum frequently in order to keep these annoying cockroaches away. In addition to that, seal any crevices and cracks around your house and get rid of the moisture buildup in your crawl spaces, basements as well as attics. Focus on the bathrooms and kitchens since these places are certainly vulnerable to cockroach infestations. For further information, consider contacting Exterminators Anderson, IN.

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